Save Princess Leia

The Montague Rotary Library hosted a Star Wars Escape Room to raise money for supplies. From left, Zenya Waterman, River Waterman, Grace Dawson and Krystal Dionne pose on Feb. 13. Beth Atkinson photo
Krystal Dionne readjusts the belt on her Princess Leia costume while standing behind the library counter. Grace Dawson stands nearby dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
They were dressed up for the Star Wars Escape Room. The librarians at the Montague Rotary Library are inviting people to free Princess Leia from the Empire’s forces.
The library hosts monthly escape rooms as part of programming for kids, with themes like Harry Potter and Dr. Suess.
Last December, they hosted their first public escape room fundraiser for Jane Austen fans.
This Star Wars event has attracted fans from UPEI students to young kids, said Dionne.
“We never turn anyone away.”
The library loves hosting activities that people enjoy, but they’re keeping open minds for all types of fundraisers, said Dionne.
“We aim towards what the kids are into.”
This fall will be the library’s third Racing to Read event. Each year they see a bigger turn out. For the first night of the Star Wars escape room, they had a turnout of 15 people, said Dawson.
“It takes a while to get people aware of what’s happening.”
The money donated supports programs for children, including craft supplies and decorations. The race last fall raised $1,000, enough to improve the gaming centre and buy new furniture.
They find the book sales they host twice a year the best at raising money, with each earning $600, said Dionne.
“We’ll see how well the escape room goes throughout this year before we consider it permanent.”

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