P.E.I. government has a handle on marijuana

Wayne Easter knows most Islanders smoke marijuana.
About 60 per cent rate of Islanders use it, so it makes sense for its use when they make it legal in July, he says.
Illegal marijuana is impure, expensive and puts money into the pockets of criminals, said the Malpeque MP.
“The war on drugs is not working.”
Once it’s legalized on July 1, marijuana will be sold to adults over 19 and there will be a cap to limit addiction possibilities, plus they plan to campaign for marijuana education, said Easter.
“By controlling it, the government believes we can get a better handle on marijuana.”
There are a couple of problems they have yet to solve, including driving while drug impaired, but people are already doing that, said Easter.
“That’s not going to change with the legalization.”
Grant Hardy works as a paramedic in O’Leary.
Marijuana doesn’t have any immediate medical issues and it’s very hard to overdose on it, he said.
“It shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference for our job.”
It provides a bigger challenge for law enforcement as a system for roadside testing has yet to be confirmed. The legalization will just make the use of marijuana more socially acceptable, said Hardy.
“There’s all kinds of people who are doing it and using it on a fairly regular basis now, it’s just going to be able to be done more in public as opposed to having to keep it hidden.”
When he answers a call to a car accident, he rarely finds it to be the result of marijuana, but the drug’s effects can be hidden easily.
All impaired driving cases are because of alcohol, but that’s because it’s what can be proven, he said.
“It’s the simple fact that there’s no way to prove that it’s marijuana.”

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