Media keeps the government honest

A journalist who is aggressive and has done their homework, are the best kind, says Wayne Easter. The Malpeque MP spoke to the Holland College journalism class on Jan. 24.
Before answering the students’ questions, Easter explained his personal experiences with journalists.
The media is what keeps the government honest, said Easter.
“Journalists are a really important part of our democracies and our ability to carry forward the kind of values, open discussions, that we have in this country.”
The 24-hour news cycle makes a journalist’s job more difficult. It’s impossible to sum up an entire issue in 30 seconds, he said.
“I think it has hurt the ability for journalists to do an in-depth job.”
He advised to never look at the comments because trolls pop up to say mean things about him, even if they aren’t from P.E.I., he said.
“Not all information on social media is accurate.”
Louise Martin, a reporter with CBC, has taught her daughters that same lesson.
People will say things that they think are true but with some research you can find out that they’re not, she said.
“There’s a lot of misinformation out there.”
As a reporter, I never put anything on air without confirming it first. It’s best if you go straight to the source for verification, she said.
“You gotta make sure you’re getting it right.”

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